Heimdalsporten is a modern multifamily residential complex with 216 apartments. Project located in the southern part of Trondheim consists of four seven-storey and eight-storey tower blocks. The height of the buildings has been defined by a development plan that project high buildings on the north-east side, therefore HUS A and HUS B are eight storeys high and the other two – HUS C and HUS D are seven storeys high. The buildings on the south and west are one floor lower due to the neighborhood of low-rise detached houses area.

 In order to use space in reasonable and optimal way and also to meet the requirements of the plan for the height of newly designed objects, the form of tower blocks was chosen. Apartments from 41m2 to 108m2 are placed around the main core of the building. The largest apartments were located on the top floor. Flats on the north side are illuminated on two sides. All apartments have large and comfortable balconies.

What's more,  those that are located on the north and east sides have been further protected against potential noise by using full glazing. It provides residents with comfortable and healthy life and leisure conditions. These favorable conditions also significantly increase the functionally planned flats and the vicinity of the extensive green space. The compact form of the building, which is a tower block, allowed to reduce the gross covered area and to use the undeveloped part of the plot as a recreational area. Between the buildings, pedestrian paths are designed to connect the different spaces. On the south side of the plot playground was located, using sunny spot. The factor that decided in part on the shape of the project is the large difference in height of the ground, due to two buildings HUS B and HUS D were partially sunk in the area. Not illuminated parts of these buildings (1st and 2nd floors) were used for storage space. Including this reason, the main entrances to the building were placed in the inner courtyard. Entrances were marked with intense yellow and orange colour to make them easy to detect and to clearly point the way.

The location of the project was also well communicated with the city. Right next to the planned complex there will be the "Super Bus" bus line, which stops at one of the main access roads to the Heimdalsporten project. The finishing materials that were used have natural colors. The palette of white, gray and beige has been enriched with single yellow and orange accents. The soft and neutral palette of colours perfectly corresponds to the expressive and fragmented solid. The perpendicular and homogeneous form has been enriched by individual small cubes, whose thoughtful but irregular arrangement greatly diversifies it and gives it a dynamic character. Interesting architecture combined with functional spatial solutions creates a coherent and expressive whole.



Landscape, Architecture, Residential building, Playground, Relax and  recreation, Details, Towers
2020 - Built           

Vestre Rosten 70 Trondheim, Norway

17 520, 200 housing units 
Modular building
Rett Hjem Bolig
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