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Landscape, Architecture, Residential building, Forest and parks, Playground, Recreation and relax, Open gym, Bike paths, Public Bicycle system, Eco-friendly system.
Residential building with public space
2020 - Preliminary project

Jonsvannsveien 82, Trondheim, Norway

23 920m2, ca. 200 housing units 
Site - built


The project is situated in close proximity to the existing dormitories - Moholt Student Village. The plot is surrounded by many parks and green trails, therefore it is important to maintain consistency with the landscape and to link these natural factors with the new building and situation.

Project contains ca. 200 apartments with commercial premises on the ground floor with separated access, parkings and common relax space, allowing a social life to flourish. The JV82 provides also public bikes to improve the communication in an eco-friendly way.  There is also a public rest area for students with a place for reading, studying and meeting. 

The main idea of this project is to combine it with nature by introducing greenery on the facades, balconies and roofs. Thanks to this, a modern building can become an icon of this part of the city and an innovative project bringing people closer to nature. Also thanks to the use of many ecological ideas, the building and its surroundings can become an interesting point in the role of the city. The height of the buildings was set so that they did not obscure the neighboring buildings and that the whole area was as sunny and best used as possible.

Additional advantages for the residents will be:
- open gym surrounded by trees, grass and bushes complete a whole plan and gives a sense of of closeness to nature.
- two huge areas with playgrounds for children, gardens and big recreations places which include both the youngest and the oldest residents.

-big green areas for picnic and rest 

- various facilities for children who will never be bored
- three big terraces with a grass between to buildings provide a nice place for rest as well as for fun. They can also be a good place to look out over the city skyline and watch the sunsets.

- The bicycle path surrounding the plot and running through it connects the parks with each other and promotes better communication.

The use of protruding and hidden balconies gives the facade a dynamic character. Small slants in individual buildings do not make the project monotonous. Everything creates one, harmonious whole. Natural materials and the addition of greenery to the facade certainly add charm and originality to this place. This is one place, it combines nature, health, home, harmony, peace, as well as close proximity to the most important services. It can be said that it is a quiet forest in the middle of the city.