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Lurahøyden is a unique combination of offices, shops, medical services, and housing units. It is placed in a convenient location in the city center with an easy access to main communication routes, cyclists and pedestrian pathways and to the vast green area in the south direction. The housing blocks are located on top a commercial ground floor, separated from the turmoil of city life. An extensive parking area is placed in the basement guarantying each dweller his own parking space. The outside area on the 2nd floor provides private terraces, as well as common green spaces and children playground, allowing a social life to flourish.


The first stage consists of one dwelling unit containing 42 apartments from smallest 1-bedroom 47sqm to an ample 104sqm with 2-bedroom, all with a south, or southwest orientated living rooms. Small ‘common area’ apartment on the garden level is another chance to take part in a community life. The main idea of facade visual aspect is to keep simple and consistent form and on the other hand, avoid monotony. Natural wood planks and light cladding correspond with surrounding buildings. Façade’s dark cladding mimics gray bricks used on the 1st floor.


This delivers a harmonious ratio of contrasting colors keeping whole structure with a lightweight appearance. External gallery incorporates additional meeting spots in form of wedges for inhabitants to enjoy closer social interactions. These triangles are partially enclosed to by semi-transparent panels, which main function is to add more privacy and make a barrier for noise and wind and at the same time allowing enough light to get through. This creates an irregular yet coherent pattern on the east facade.

Another reason standing by that idea is to isolate outside area for hospital based in the building from the east.

West side is directed towards the communal garden.

The majority of balconies are also located on this side. Big windows together with light walls grant adequate amount of sun rays to penetrate apartment and give a warm and comfortable impression. To assure sufficient noise properties, part of the balconies are glazed with special folding solution creating additional veranda space. A similar solution is used also from gallery side which is dictated by a close proximity to a busy road.


East facade
West facade
Landscape, Architecture, Residential building, Playground, Relax and  recreation, Details
2017 - Built           

Stavangerveien 36, Sadnes, Norway

7 485m2, 86 housing units 
Modular building
2016.09.15 KJ Lura Rev.K.png
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