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2018.05.02 Elgesetergate JL 8 postprod.j


The Elgesetergate project located on one of the main arteries of Trondheim was supposed to be a kind of link between nearby objects - important both because of the significant role and the place occupied in the thriving city. The project involves the construction of a multi-storey office building located between two building complexes - a hospital and the university campus NTNU. Establishment of scientific base for employees and students of one of the leading universities in the world - will create perfect conditions for the scientific, technological and economic development of the city.
There were created three different visions of the project. In all solutions, new and existing objects will be connected with the form of a corridor rising above the streets. This specific bridge will also integrate two quarters located on opposite sides of the main artery. Significant differences in the height of the terrain and an attempt to inscribe in the highly defined urban structure combined with the idea of ​​thinking about development and the future have given rise to innovative architectural forms that will reflect the continuous development of science and the still unguessed possibilities of the human mind.
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