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North facade
West facade
Landscape, Architecture, Residential complex on existing industrial building, Playground, Recreation and Relax, Bicycle Path, Harbour, Sea
Residential building
2022 - Frame approval

Selvikveien 61, Drammen, Norway

11 000m2, ca. 89 housing units 
Concrete & Steel


Nøsted Brygge is located in eastern Drammen beside Drammensfjorden. On south side of the plot  is Svelvikveien. Detached houses are the most common type of neighbouring building. On the west and east side instead the volumes of offices and factories are more massive. On the north there is the fjord.

Previously existing industrial buildings were converted partially into residential buildings. In such way mix of functions was obtained. Remained buildings from project plot build an L shaped volume. This is treated as a symbolical podium for new structure. Seven new buildings create complex of the buildings. Huses A,B,C,D and E are placed on existing structure. Two other huses -F and G are placed on northern side  (lake side ) where old building was partially demolished.

Nøsted Brygge project focus on preserving structure of the existing building as much as possible. Walls, columns, staircases,  windows, gates, doors are in major part are kept in their previous places. On the ground floor of the building where rooms had direct access to illumination næring was created.

Other rooms in  the middle of the structure or undergrounded houses storage area and communication ways. Since the terrain is rising up to the south side it is possible to have in that building natural access from road to the second floor of the building. In order to reuse that advantage internal parking for cars and bikes is placed in there.

Through the structure of existing building, from its west to east side, on its ground floor long tunnel is created. It guides to the building that serves as a parking lot but also houses commercial area from the port side. P-Hus is a chance for this space to fit more parkings on the same area as traditional one that was in there in the past. By the staircase or by the bridge that connects P-HUS with the whole building complex, people can get on the top of  it to an open orthogonally shaped garden. In there plenty of meeting places surrounded by bushes and little trees in the pots are situated to give opportunity for habitants to relax, spend time with each other or simply have fun on playgrounds. Majority of paths are guiding people to north-east direction where spacious terrace is situated over commercial area, From this high point  people can admire beautiful landscape.

Nøsted Brygge project intertwines with nature. All possible places are planned as gardens. Between buildings A,B,C,D there is intenal garden on existing roof top. Not only it makes habitants live closer to nature but also it is a space for integration. That garden is following the directions coming from gangways triangular extensions but at same time they are making pedestrians to look on fjords direction. Project hosts common area to organise parties etc.-terrace over hus B is used to those purposes.

On Hus E each apartment includes its private terrace and garden.

Main entrance to the building is situated on the northern -west side of the existing building, right beside the entrance for cars. For the greater security reasons the entrance door are pushed back creating a niche. At the same time wall  between tunnel and niche is opened to make drivers see people who are going to pass their way  in a right time to stop the car. The niche also gives a roof over the passengers while it is raining. Handicap people can enter to the building by mild sloped ramp which is situated in the northern side of the building in between HUS G and F.

Apart from interesting architecture and attractive location the project provides also very functional apartments. The complex offers 19 types of apartments ranging in size from  50m2 to 144,5m2. Those which are exposed to noise contain balconies covered with glass. Each apartment with balcony or terrace has it opened to beautiful natural landscape of the surrounding.

Communication ways in the huses ABCD are in a gallery forms. By the triangular extensions they enable passengers to have a look on fjords as well as to sit in that space, relax and chat with neighbours. Galleries are covered with wooden battens. To fulfil fire safety requirements, as well as to preserve good apartments illumination openings in the wooden structure were created. Doors to apartments that appears in the gallery are painted in 4 colours which gives to opened corridors diversity and interesting look.

All the facades of existing volumes are cladded with grey brick till their second floor.Facades above brick part are cladded with pale wooden vertical planks. In order to distinguish staircases, they were cladded with light grey fibrecement boards. This material is also used on stairacses. last floor.

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