Teknikken Sør, with its proximity to the city center, quiet, sunny and close to public transport, basically has every opportunity to succeed as a very positive contribution to housing development / densification in Stavanger city. 360` view on a small hill, with optimal light and sun conditions, is unique in a city.

Competition project, Green houses, Playground, Open Gym, Private gardens, Plaza
Residential building

Rogalandsgata 44, Stavanger, Norway

6 279m2, 102 housing units 
Modular building

Composition of residents. Our experience regarding the composition of residents in a project depends on the composition of the apartment. In order to achieve the greatest possible diversity in the composition of the residents, a large variety of apartments has been chosen. The sizes vary from 38 to 123 m2.

Architecture. We have chosen to take full advantage of the plot's properties by placing the buildings centrally on the plot in a concentrated circular shape. The buildings are planned as 3 small point houses on 4, 5 and 6 floors, respectively. The tallest building is located closest to the block on the neighboring plot in the west and the lowest in 4 floors towards the buildings to the east. All 3 buildings are located as far as possible towards the center of the plot. In this way, a central square (no. 1 on the illustration level) is achieved, where residents can meet outside, partly under a covered common area with established seating groups. For further social sustainability outdoors, an exercise park (7), playground (6), herbal and vegetable garden (12), common roof terrace (13), and exclusive outdoor area for the residential community (3) are planned. In addition, the plot contains undefined, relatively large green areas.

With regard to indoor meeting places, this is planned to be located towards the square on the 1st floor, in houses A and B. One of the 3 common areas has kitchen fittings. The "living rooms" are also planned with the necessary toilet facilities. The location is chosen so that the residents have visual contact with the living rooms without visiting the area, in one's errand, to find out if it is in use. Resident parking is planned in the parking basement. Here, for both practical and social-related purposes, a washing area for cars, bicycles and dogs will be established.

The housing association has an exclusive sheltered garden. It is also arranged for access to all the other outdoor and indoor common areas, with its intended activities. This has been met through the placement of the housing association's apartments and common area, so that residents can take part in the general socialization in the project.

Aesthetically, an approximate salt roof profile is planned, the cladding in wood and emphasis on the fact that each apartment's balcony must have at least one screened side to protect against wind and rain. Experience has shown that "outdoor, unshielded" balconies have much less "user time" versus shielded ones.