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Landscape, Architecture, Residential building, Playground, Recreation and relax, Modular buidling
Residential building
2022 - Bulit

Bekkefaret, Jessheim, Norway

10 140m2, 119 housing units 
Modular building
Bekkefaret Bolig AS


Kløvertunet is a residencial complex of three buildings hosting 119 apartments. The buildings consists of six floors out of terrain plus two undergrounded floors where car parkings and storage rooms are placed.
The project is located South West to Jessheim, a town with a convenient transport connection to Oslo and its urban area. The plot is indeed located 10 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the capital center.
Buildings have a dynamic character built through the strong sculpting of their facades. The sharp corner of HUS A gives a modern but monumental character to the building. A white pole meet the roof line and creates a frame. This frame is a visual connection to the other buildings. This effect is enhanced by the use of a contrasting grey wooden cladding in the facade. The staircases are instead covered with fiber cement panels in a contrasting color (a shade of dark anthracite).
On west facades there is a variation achieved by the empty spaces of the balcony/loggias and the white cubic volumes pushed out from the facade plan. The use of different materials and colors emphasize the contrast. Fiber cement panels in white and wooden cladding in grey. The extrusion of cubes generates a play of shadows. Irregular arrangement gives the buildings a dynamic character.
On the east side of the buildings there are the galleries leading to the apartments. Those are enriched from a wooden composition designed to screen the balustrades and the escaping stairs.
The complex offers 30 different types of apartments ranging in size from 38,3 m2 to 119,7 m2. The biggest apartments with open terraces are located on top floor.

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