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PKV 12

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1. floor
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Landscape, Architecture, Detached house, Garden, Recreation and relax
Detached house
2019 - Built

Per Kvists Veg 12-14, Trondheim, Norway

683m2, 4 housing units 
Site - built
PKV 12
PKV 12
PKV 12


A vast terrain where Trondheim city meets the nature. Jakobsli impresses with spaciousness, distant horizon, and great views of varied greenery and far fjords. Surrounding demands capture and inclusion into the project and the building opens its essential geometric shapes reinterpreting the principles of functionalist architecture. Inner and outer space are joined together through large windows that bring inside images of nature. They are rationally shaped and sized according internal use of the building. Glass curtain walls is wrapped in a concrete band that starts outside and builds external wall, becomes a slab and creates a terrace, then it goes inside the building and makes another wall that finally bends into a roof. Each combination in this project make it modern, functional and very clearly form house. Every details has been designed with a big accuracy, so that the effect will be the most suitable for everyone.

Inner and outer space switch their role again and again and if nature has an impact on plans and interior, at the same time the building goes someway beyond its borders, and meets landscape. Using the same natural material (wood) on the ceiling inside the house and on the terrace, clearly strengthens the interconnection of these two zones. The white ribbon determines the horizontal peculiarity of the house. All needed functions are placed on 2 stories, rooms with big openings on south side, staircase and services on north side.  Entering sun to the interiors - through the lighting, sunshine affects the building and its functioning in a very direct way. Inner space was also designed thinking about continuing the outer space inside the building.

Divisions on second floor are no clearly defined, the open space allows to freely set furnishing so to change the layout in many ways. That enhances the sense of spaciousness and openness, typical for local environment. It refers directly to one of the most important principles postulated by functionalism : open floor plans. The “core” of this space is the fireplace. It takes the central position on the main wall in the living room. Surrounded by windows it creates a symbolic division in elevation. From the terraces stretches wide and beautiful view of the surroundings. Since the plot is on sloping terrain, houses are set on different levels so to don’t limit the field of view of each other and give privacy of neighbors.

Project have been designed to ensure people's comfort and privacy. Indeed, glazed railings on roof terraces are detached from the edge of outside walls. Floors are connected by a staircase. Concrete walls contrast with wooden steps and finishing for ceiling and floors. Staircase is lighted by a long, narrow window, which clearly marks the main vertical arrangement of the building. Finishing, window types, plan solution and elevations are related elements that create a functional and comfortable architecture with a balanced character. Such functionality and a modernist look gives many possibilities and a feeling of home comfort with the surrounding nature.

PKV 12
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PKV 12
PKV 12
PKV 12
PKV 12
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