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South-west facade
North-west facade


Landscape, Architecture, Residential building, Playground, Recreation and Relax, Public and common area, Courtyard, Gardens, Modular building
Residential building
2022 - Built

Sandavegen 23, Buvika, Norway

3 255m2, 29 housing units 
Modular building
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The plot is located in the municipality of Skaun in Trønderlag county. The project is situated in the city center of Buvika with an easy access to main communication.

Project contains 29 apartments with commercial premises on the ground floor with separated access and common relax space, allowing a social life to flourish. Sentrumsgården consists of three floors out of terrain plus one undergrounded floor with parkings and storage rooms. Providing additional outdoor parkings guarantees a places for everybody.

A lot of trees, grass and bushes complete a whole plan and give a sense of closeness to nature, although the project is in the center of Buvika.

The U shape of the floorplan allows to create huge playground, a lot of greenery like small garden and big recreation places for older habitant as well as for youth.

Courtyard is connected to the main street by passage, which guarantees safety and quiet to the residents.

A common gangways additional places to rest are also main entrances to the apartments. The main idea of facades visual aspect is to keep simple traditional form of Norwegian houses. Use of few colors like: dark red, dark green, orange, which refer to typical Norwegian aesthetic avoid monotony in this project.


Natural wood planks in balconies and wooden west facades with the sloping roofs above dark niches make this project more interesting and refer to nature and Scandinavian architecture. The south part of the building protect flats against noise and provide big, private spaces. North facades offers beautiful views to the residents as it faces the greenery and Trondheim fjords.

By using many traditional elements in this project, each part can be characteristic, but also consistent with a rest.

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